Big Data Adoption – Skepticism is not a bad sign

I’m just back from IBM’s Analyst Insight (see: – a meeting with analysts where IBM shares key insights about what we see happening in the marketplace, how IBM is positioned and where it’s heading.

A key question that came up from several analysts is what are the “real” use cases, what is it that clients pay for. And indeed there’s a number of Big Data projects already under way and we have a number of compelling stories to share.

However, it seems there’s still a lot of skepticism in the market and also among some analysts. Which goes back to the fact that a majority of companies still doesn’t see the value and asks for proof points.
In fact this is what we would expect with any technology driven innovation: First, there’s the innovators and then the early adopters that explore how the new technology could create value for them. Together, these two segements account for about 15% of the whole market. The rest, i.e. the majority, is waiting to see the proof points and asks these skeptical questions. Which means a majority of skeptics is not really a negative signal about neither the trend nor the market. It’s just natural in the early adoption phase.  

What makes this phase exciting and interesting though, is that the early adopters are looking for fundamental change and big transformations. And there we see indeed a couple of good stories unfolding. More on that in a subsequent blog.


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